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Terms and Conditions

Non refundable deposits must be paid to confirm a booking.

Payments must be paid in full at least one month before event.

Clubcruiser have the right to cancel an item at any time but a full refund for that item will be given.

If YOU cancel before event NO refund on deposit will be given.

As with all things electrical and technical there may be the odd occasion where an item fails to work or breaks down. Clubcruiser are not responsible for this but a full refund will be given for that item if it results in cancellation. Part refund will be given for that item if it breaks down during event and cannot be fixed.

Clubcruiser are NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur or any loss of personal belongings.

The person who books any item with Clubcruiser is responsible for any damages that may occur during an event.

Drinks are not allowed on the LED Dancefloor and no jumping up and down as this can damage the dancefloor.

Clubcruiser has built a fantastic reputation with a first class service and will always try and resolve any problems as best as possible and will always put the customer first.